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More questions guys!!

Write the rules or copy and paste the

Write thirteen things about yourself

Answer thirteen questions made by the person who tagged you and make your own thirteen questions

Tag thirteen deviants

Make sure they know that they're tagged

Don't say "You are tagged if you read this"

It's forbidden to not tag anyone

Tag backs are allowed

If you don't make this tag in a week, you HAVE TO OBEY a single wish of the person who tagged you


What is your favorite color? Black or teal
What is your favorite food? Anything spicy. 
Favorite song? Pacify her by Melanie Martinez
Favorite band or artist? Imagine Dragons
 How much do you hate me right now for tagging you? Not much, why?
 What do you dislike most about me? don't know you well enough to say
 What do you like most about me? You seem fun to hang around
Would you take a bullet for a complete stranger? No
Would you take a bullet for one of your best friends? Yes
 Would you take a bullet for your bf/gf/crush/(If none of those apply, would you take a bullet for your pet)? No, my pet is old already, she been suffering.
What is your favorite question of the above? best friends
 What is your least favorite question of the above? crush
 Was that fun? little bit


What is one word you best feel describes you? Playful
Do you believe in fate? Yes
What makes you happy? i.e being with friends, reading  etc.? Reading, and playing with friends
Do you like thunderstorms? No, but I do like lighting flashes!  
If you could live in one world from either a book or film, what one would it be? Wow um.. Divergent.
What is your favorite song? The one you can still listen to, even though you've played it to death. Pacify Her, Melanie Martinez 
If you could talk to any famous person (dead or alive) what one question would you want to ask them? Melanie Martinez,"Where do you get inspiration for your songs?"
What is your ultimate pet peeve? When people complain about the same thing over and over again! 
If you went to Uni, what would you study? If you're at Uni, what are you studying? Software engineering
Favorite movie/tv series? Teen Titans, yes it's a cartoon let it go.
Do you like Disney? If so what is your favorite Disney song? Yes, I see the light. Tangled
Have you ever faced a fear? Heights
What would you do if a piece of your writing/art became world known? I would talk to alot more people.

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