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Ouran HSHC

Hitachiin TwinsXFem Reader 

Warning- Cursing, and slight ... fluff(This might be out of context.)


Right now It's lunch, I have a headache, so I asked Haruhi if there is a quiet place here, she said," Maybe but we have to find it."
So we are looking right now. We might as well eat in the hallway, its quiet here. I see a set of doors and look up at the sign.
The sign says, 'Music Room #3'. 
"Is it used? I don't hear anything," I say still looking at the hanging sign.
"I don't know," Haruhi puts her left ear on the door.
"I don't hear anything," She states as she opens the it.
"Welcome" What is this? 
"Aren't those two the ones in your class," ... Ootori says, I'm actually seeing him with MY eyes?
"Yeah but they're aren't very sociable, they only talk to each other" 
"That's a rude way to put it, considering you two where like that."
"Oh, Haruhi and his friend... um (F/N)" Some tall boy, with purple eyes says. 
"How do you know our names," both Haruhi and I say at the same time.
"Your the honor student we've heard about, and your his friend." If you think we are boys you have another thing coming.
"It's just our school tradition makes it difficult for commoners to get in," COMMONERS! That's the only thing that glasses said that seemed to stick in my head. 
"I've been told that unless you posses a rather audacious nerve," Don't talk to my best friend like that! ", you can't become an honor student here," "why.. thank you," Haruhi says with a twitching eyebrow.  The blonde gets closer to Haruhi as the pair of twins start talking to me. I look down, but once the one with a higher voice starts, to well umm.. whats the word.. bother me! "Oh, I thought Haruhi's friend was a girl, guess I was wrong." The other one says, "so which way do you roll?" WHAT! Do I really look like that much a of a boy with my haircut like this?
Your Hair!
I believe so.. It probably doesn't help that I am wearing men's casual clothes because I hate the girls' uniforms here. They start walking closer to me, Then I end up caged in by them, they start leaning in closer so I avoid looking at their faces. Both of them kiss my either of my cheeks, making me blush. I hear Haruhi yelling at the 'Boy Lolita type', "who are you calling Haru-chan!" Sometime afterwards she ends up making the vase start falling, (*your on the opposite side of the vase) I dive down to catch it and so does Haruhi, the only difference is I actually touch it, but I pushed it up, making the vase hit the ceiling instead of the floor. I start to get the vases', now, shattered glass off of my small form. "The Renaissance vase that was to be featured in the school auction!" "Now you've two done it!" "We were going to start the bidding at 8 million yen for that!" (*8 million yen= 78,763.44 us dollars. 8 million yen=71,332.10 Euro) "8 million yen!?" Haruhi and I both say. "You have to pay us back somehow, maybe you could be our slaves,"
"I damn well know you did not just say that blondie, I'll pay but not like that!" I yell at the purple eyed kid.
"I know what you could do," the higher voiced twins starts," You can become a host," and the other one finishes.
"Can you at least introduce yourselves first?" I ask.
"Well okay, I'll start, I'm Suoh Tamaki, 2nd year"
"We are the Hitachiin twins, both 1st years" a soft voice spoke, "He's Kaoru and I'm Hikaru," The deeper voiced one finished. "As I'm sure you know I'm Ootori Kyoya, also 2nd year" 
"I'm Mitsukuni Haninozuka, but call me Honey, I'm a 3rd year" Really a third year? Your so tiny and cute for a third year!
"The one I'm on (*The shoulders of) is Morinozuka Takashi, Mori-chan for short, whose a 3rd year too and I'm holding Usa-chan," AWWWWWWW!!!
"What do we do," Haruhi asks the question I'm thinking.
"You make girls happy, but first we need to fix your outfits, Kaoru!" The tall blonde, 'Tamaki' orders.
"YES, Sir!"
"Fix up Haruhi!"
"Mori get Haruhi contacts, his glasses look weird,"
"Hikaru, you deal with (Y/n)!" Really! Do I look that bad?
Hikaru leads me to a different room, gets some trimming scissors and starts cutting my 'uneven hair', as he said.
After cutting my hair he leads me to a changing room.
Hikaru then gives me a blue uniform, with a black tie, black trousers, a white undershirt, a blue blazer, and black shoes. I go behind the curtain and change, although I was having difficultly, which I didn't want to announce, so I took a while to change. After at least ten minutes Hikaru asks, "Do you need help? You're taking a while."
No I don't want you to see me! "N-no I'm fine," why did I just stutter?
"Are you sure?"
"Yes I'm very sure!" I hope he didn't hear the nervousness in my voice, but why was it there?
"Why do you sound nervous?" but of course luck isn't on my side...
I hear the curtain slide open and grab the nearest garment, which happened to be the blazer to hide my (fav/c) bra.
but I didn't do it fast enough... I have no such luck. "Oh I-I'm so sorry! (Y/n)!"
Kaoru walks out hastily.hmm...
After finally finishing I step out and Kaoru is blushing, how cute.
"So your a girl?"
I nod my head.
"Lets act this never happened," He suggests,
We start walking back to the Host club trying to find out what to say to each other.
I thought we were acting like that never happened.
"Soo..." Kaoru starts, "What's up?"
"Nothing, you?"
"Same, how are you today," Kaoru says a little... shyly?
"eh, despite that fact that you just saw me in my underwear," I blush, thinking back, "I've had a good day."
"Sorry 'bout that, I didn't mean anything of it though." So reassuring.
"That's nice to know," I answer.
"I guess so.."
"I thought we were acting like that didn't happen," kaoru says, "but I want to say sorry, so my bad," he apologizes.
"I'll race you to Music room #3, I doubt I'll win because you have lon-"
I stop blabbering when Kaoru ran off.
But since I usually run to blow off steam, I catch up to him quickly.
When I do he starts running faster. Aww what a sweety he was holding back for me...........
I push my self over my limits, and start running faster, would he stop if I acted like I was hurt? With that apology it seems he
I 'trip', and yell "Oww," a little over-dramatically.
Just like I thought, he stops, I hold back my laugh, and try to hide the evil look that might appear in my eyes.
"Are you alright?" He asks, concerned. I start rubbing my 'hurt' ankle.
"I might of sprained my ankle," I retort as Kaoru reaches out a hand and helps me up.
After I stand straight, I start running and laughing at the same time.
"(Y/n)! You little faker," Kaoru starts chasing after me.
"You'll never catch me," I run faster
"OOO KAY," I hear him get closer.
The door is right there I could make it!
Almost there, just a few more steps!
I risk a glance over my shoulder, and Kaoru is right there.
He reaches out and grabs me from behind, and puts me on his shoulder, making me yelp.
"Nooo!" I yell.
"Your fault," he says rather evilly.
"Please put down," I start squirming and thrashing around, to no avail.
"Nope, you might as well stop struggling."
I give up, because I knew it wouldn't escape the moment I started fighting.
But it is a nice view from up here. It looks nice. I mean.. he has such a nice ass...
"Well, fine, it's a nice view from here, anyway."
Kaoru grabs my feet and starts bringing my head closer to his feet.
"Is it a nice view now?"
I don't worry about replying as I shake my feet with my hands on the ground.
I continue wiggling my feet to get out of his vice grip, but he tightens his hands on my feet.
Kaoru spreads my feet apart and the next thing I know I'm on his shoulders.
"I feel so tall! Wooo hooo!" (*Idk why..)
Kaoru starts laughing under me, causing me to shake.
"Was it actually that funny?"
"It sounds like what a little kid would say, maybe because you are one."
When we reach the door, I reach out for it before Kaoru touches it.
"I won! I won!"
"No, you really didn't, You have to open the door to win," he says as he starts laughing, again.
Right after saying that he opens the double door. When Kaoru walks through I duck my head, to avoid hitting my head against the wall, but I did anyway.
Kaoru looks up," You okay?"
"I'm fine," I say trying to reassure him.
He shakes his head, snickering.He was trying not to laugh but I hear him, and he is shaking under me.
"What are you two doing?" Tamaki asks.
"We were just racing, and one thing lead to another" I look at him seeing his reaction and start I laughing.
Tamaki is so over-dramatic, he looks like he is about to cry.
"Hey (Nickname/NKME)-chan want to share some cake?" Honey asks, his eyes on the lovely looking cake.
"What kind it is," I look at him, making his eyes direct to my (e/c) ones.
"Vanilla in the middle, chocolate on the outside, and strawberry on top."
"Can I have the strawberry?"
"But the strawberry is the best part," Honey complains.
I make a sad pouting face as I start walking towards him.
"Okay you can have it, because your cute." Does he know I'm a girl or is he gay, maybe I just look like feminililistic boy?? (*Simple translation: Girlish looking boy)
"Thank you Honey-chan!!"
I reach out for the strawberry but someone has other plans, said someone grabs the strawberry and looks towards Hikaru.
"Do it," He says.
Then Kaoru says 'aww' indicating that I should open my mouth but I don't, because I want to see something.
"(NKME)-chan don't you want the strawberry," Honey inquires, but I don't answer him.
When I see Kaoru walking to us, I start understanding that this is his idea. Oh but of course!
Hikaru starts whispering something in Kaoru's ear, making him blush and shout, "What! No!"
I raise my eyebrows, making Hikaru snort.
"If you really don't want to do it then why is your blush deepening," Hikaru says with a smirk on his face. What is he planning?
When Hikaru doesn't say anything, Kaoru says, "Do it or you'll lose the bet."
I hear Hikaru mutter, "why do you have to be right," under his breath. Umm... what is about to happen?
Hikaru puts the strawberry in his mouth, he isn't going to...then he starts leaning closer to me. Hikaru is really..?
He starts kissing me, and with the strawberry tip he parts my lips. IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING!?
Hikaru uses his tongue to push the strawberry in my mouth, how I know? I tried pulling the strawberry out of his mouth and our tongues ended up touching.
I unintentionally put my hand on his chest, when I do that he pulls back, I see Hikaru's blush deepen, and he walks away, quickly.
It's then I notice Tamaki in his sad depressed state.
"I wish she would just kiss me," he whispers under his breath, but due to my close proximity, I hear him.
Since his back is to me, I decide to sneak up on him and kiss his cheek to make him happy.
I step closer to him and get on my knees. (*I'm not thinking about that...)
When I'm next to him I fell tension, or something like it, in the air around him, but I choose ignore it.
Tamaki is so distracted by his sadness, that he doesn't even notice me. Oh this'll be great.
I'm starting to feel a little sad being next to him, oh well, I have a trash life anyway.
I move my lips to his face, and give him a chaste kiss on his cheek, making Tamaki squeal from happiness.
Tamaki picks me and starts shaking me, chanting, "Kiss me again, kiss me again!"
I thrash around and close my eyes. "Help me, some one help me!"
Kyoya comes to the rescue and grabs me out of Tamaki's arms.
"Hey, that was uncalled for!" Tamaki shouts at Kyoya.
"So was you shaking me!" I say and escape to Haruhi wanting to talk to her.
I sit down in the chair next to her, short of breath.
"What happened?"
"Just running away from Tamaki"
"I know," she starts whispering," rich people are so obnoxious," I nod in agreement. 
"About how much longer do we have to stay here?"
"Until we get 100 requests from customers."
"Thats going to take forever!" I shout a little to loudly making people around me and stare.
"Yeah, but lets get started now." I again nod in agreement.
I go sit at a couch and attempt to socialize and stray from staring at everyone for to long.
But, when I sat down I didn't notice a brunette-mistress already sitting there. Tamaki says to talk sweetly you must first think sweetly, Not true.
"Oh hello.." said brunette says.
"Hi, would like anything," I ask while scooting closer to her.
"O-Oh no, I'm fine, thanks.." 
"Okay well lets just talk then," I suggest.
"Yeah, sure what do you want to talk about?" She asks.
"Lets talk about you," I say a grin making it's way to my face. I feel so fake right now.
"W-well o-okay, I'm Xanthia." (*Say the 'X' as a 'Z,' so Zanthia is how you say it. Any name that as a 'X' in it, the 'X' is pronounced as a 'Z', in English..)
"What a pretty name for a beautiful girl." I don't understand how the boys can talk like this, it's so cheesy.
"heh thanks."
"What do you like to do?" 
"I like to draw and read, but enough about me, what are you like?"
"I like to bake, cook, and write."
"What about," Xanthia pauses and says it again, "What do you write about?" 
"I write about adventure, mystery, and fairy tails." I say truthfully.
"Maybe I could read one of them some time."
"Do you really believe in fairy tails?" Xanthia asks.
"No, I used to write them for my sister."
"Used to? what happened?" When she questions me about this I look around and notice tons of people are crowding around us. I don't understand why everyone cares, it's just a simple conversation, no need for so much attention.
"This is long..." I warn Xanthia.
"I have a lot of time on my hands," she prompts me to tell the story.
"Well, okay, whenever Riley, my sister was young, she was like 4 or 5, and I was a year older than her, around that time she was hospitalized, the doctors told us Riley had Stage Three Cancer, it was the beginning of the summer and I always visited, every time I went Riley would ask me to tell her a fairy tail, every time, I assure you, I had used every other original fairy tail, Cinderella, Beauty and the beast, et cetera, So I started making them up, but she still liked them. A few days later Riley asked me if I could write and draw her one for when I was away. That day on the way home I asked my mother to buy some paint, paint brushes, printer paper, a big Purple, which was Riley's favorite color, book with blank pages in it, and some super glue," I take a deep breath, sad because of my past, " I stayed up all night making this book, full of small fairy's and a girl with a dream. I wrote the story on Notebook paper, fixed all of the mistakes and made sure it would be easy for Riley to read," I feel my eyes brimming with tears," Afterwards I started painting, because I didn't have much time, it was already Midnight, and wanted to sleep but I also wanted to finish."
I have to finish telling them, I know it's hard but I have to, I'll be fine."I finished painting everything, and spread them in the empty guestroom so they could dry. 
I waited for a long time for those papers to air dry. I tried falling asleep but I couldn't because I was wondering what my sister would think about the book I wrote." I'm gonna cry, I am going to cry. I lean my head on the back of the red couch cushion and look up at the ceiling, trying to make the tears stay in my eyes. "An hour, or so later, I grabbed all of the pages out of the guest room. Over maybe the next 45 minutes I put the 'paintings' in order, according to the story I wrote. The next thing I did took forever, I attempted to get all of blank the pages out of the Purple book. I gave in and started peeling the pages, 5 each time, I pulled 5 pages at a time and it still took a long time. When I finally finished with that, mom woke up and saw the mess in my room, and asked 'what I was doing,' I told her 'I'm making a book for Riley,' and she started helping, she super glued the paintings into the book. When my mom finished I the wrote a sentence on the printer paper, in the middle and cut it out in the shape of a ...wavy bubble(?). I continued doing that until I finish moving the words from one paper to the other, cutting each sentence out like a wavy bubble. My mom super-glued the bubbles on the pages where I wanted them. After finishing the book about maybe an hour later, it was 8:00 AM. I kept begging my mom take me to hospital because quote on quote, I complained, 'WE took forever making it!' But mom kept saying 'Mommy is tired,' I continued begging using the same reason, but then I thought tomorrow isn't promised, and that's what I told my mom. She gave up and we went. After 30 minutes of driving we made to the hospital." I make my head straight because neck starts to hurt. "After getting off the elevator, I started running to my sisters room, holding the purple book against my chest, and then I hear the noise, the deafening sound. I walked in right when the endless beep went off and I... I..," I don't finish, but the tears do for me. I look at Xanthia, who told me to tell the and story she's in tears. All I hear right now is sniffling... I didn't mean to do that.

"Y/n, is that true!?" Haruhi asks in a subtle angry tone. Should I run away??
I nod, my mind deeming it impossible to talk at the moment.
"And you've never told me!" Yeah, she's mad.
Haruhi storms out off the room before I can answer.
"Haruhi, Wait!!!" I call after her.
"Oooohh," More than half of the people in the room say.
I dash out of the room, ignoring them and chasing after Haruhi.
"Haruhi Stop!!"
She turns around and starts running backwards, "So you don't tell me more things!!"
"What.. are you talking.. about?"
Haruhi stops running, "You never tell me anything! You always bottle up your feelings, I'm here for you and you don't act like it!!"
"That's not true!"
"Your lying and know it!" She shouts back.
I start walking towards her, slowly.
"Leave me alone I don't want to be your friend, especially if you don't tell me stuff that hurts you!"
"Wait, Haruhi I'll tell you please, just hear me out."
"Every time I think about these things I can't talk straight, and it makes me cry..."
"And you've seen me cry before, whats the big de-"
"I know!" Haruhi doesn't say anything.
"They hurt," I blink trying to make the regrowing tears in my eyes slide down my face,"they... th-"
She hugs me," I know... I know," Haruhi whispers in my ear. 

You tell her all the pain in your mind, and now that it's off your chest you feel better...

This was going to be for the Phobia Series I'm making, but the whole Riley in your past thing changed it.
So yeah.. I hope you enjoy this took so long to make, about a week, I can tell you that.
I was going to add more but I haven't posted in ages...
So yeah 
Hope you enjoy!
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