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The Pervy Wizard

Warning- If you can't already tell from the above text, This has sexual Things&References in it.
Let's See How Pervy You are. 
(*Author's note)


You and Gray had been together for 3 weeks, you had met all his friends, Ezra, Natsu, Lucy, Happy, and everyone else in The Fairy Tail Guild. They really liked you. You and Natsu had been friends and he was the one who introduced you to Fairy Tail, you should really thank him for it. At one point though Natsu had liked you, like more than friends, but you had your eyes on Gray then. In the first week of you and Gray dating, Natsu would get jealous and them two always got in a fight. Sine Natsu had got several beatings from Ezra and Gray, he quickly learned to stop liking you. Right now you are in Gray's house. Your sitting on his couch, looking at him, while the T.v. makes some noise that you aren't paying attention to. Gray looks back up at you, since he is using your legs as a pillow. He sits up, reaching for the remote, and turns off the t.v. because neither of you were paying any notice to it. 

Your POV

Gray had just turned off the t.v. I'm about to ask him why but I wasn't watching it anyway. I realized that I had moved my hand to his stomach, where his abs are. Man, you have some nice abs...
I feel them, through his shirt, that I wish wasn't there anymore.
"Do you like them?" He asks, making me move my hand away, before I could get far Gray grabs my right hand.
"It's okay, I don't care." I could tell he was enjoying it by the face he had made when I moved your hand away, so I continued.
"Yes, I do like your abs," I look up, revealing my neck to him, to hide my blush.
I feel Gray get up off my legs, and the next thing I know his lips are on my neck.
"You just couldn't help it could you," I ask, he replies with a nod.
Gray starts nipping my soft skin. He continues sliding down until he gets to the hem of my V-neck shirt.
"Peanut Butter or Jelly?" I ask an Idea forming in my mind as I start getting hungry.
"What? You are so random! I don't know Jelly?" Gray throws his answer at me and bites where I like it most on my neck.
Making me bite my lip to stop a moan, which would be embarrassing.
(* Have I mentioned that you two hadn't been together in that way yet...)
He stops his nibbling," Don't do that... I want to hear every obscene sound you make, I want to hear your voice."
I don't reply not knowing what to say to his... command..?
My stomach growls, showing my hunger to Gray.
"Lemme deal with that."
"Yeah," He chuckles.
I walk into the kitchen as Gray still sits on his leather couch.
I grab the Peanut Butter and Jelly from their spots, as I hear the television turn back on.
We really love each others company, don't we? 
I also get the bread from the top of the fridge, but I can't reach it, since I'm 'vertically challenged!'
I end up opening the fridge and climbing the shelves. A certain person, that's in the other room, likes putting it far back so I can't reach!
I lose my focus and fall on my back, the floor echoing a thud, a loud one at that.
"Y/n? Are you okay!?"
I hear Gray walking into the room as I start sitting up.
"What happened?" He asked concern hinting in his eyes.
"I fell on my back, trying to get the bread."
"You could of asked me to help," He said with the hint of concern going away.
"Yeah okay. Just help me up."
He stands back up, from the kneeling on the floor position, and helps you up.
"ugh my back!" God this hurts!
"I'll get the bread."
"You do that," You are being inconsiderate, yet considerate, it's so weird!
"Here you go," I don't care about the pb+j anymore you idiot!
When you just sit there, he furrows his eyebrows.
"Aren't you going to make a sandwich," Gray's brows furrow even more.
"I don't care anymore... My back hurts when I stand."
"I'll make it for you," Gray says as he grabs the stuff to make your sandwich.
"Thank you," I look at him again," Dude your clothes," I turn away the blush tinting my cheeks as I think of things I shouldn't be.
"What the heck," Gray looks down," How does this always happen?!" He yells. I thought he did that on purpose, but his abs look so much better than they feel. 
I need to stop looking before he notices! Why is it so hard to do! Most not succumb to temptation! Just turn your head the other way you pervert!
Before I can help it, my eyes travel down his body. I wonder what his... I BETTER NOT FINISH THAT THOUGHT! What would it feel like in- STUPID BRAIN STOP! Oh my gosh! Please think of anything else! NOT THAT!! I wonder what his tushie looks like. When did I become this pervy! Okay, I can do this, just look out the window next to me.
I, reluctantly, turn my head and look out the window.
"I did it!"
"did what?" Gray asks, leaving me confused.
"What did you do?" He asks again.
"I looked out the window?" I'm so confused! At least I'm not thinking about Gray's body anymore.
"Ooo. Kay," now he is confused to.
Without realizing it, I look at Gray when he looks away.
I wonder if he has a nice tongue. WHAT! AHHH! Is Gray good at- STOP IT! Is he Uke or Seme? WHY IS IT SO HARD! I know what else will be hard. STOP STOP STOP STOOOOPPPPP! How big is his- NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I have a corrupted brain! (*Same XD) I thought I was innocent! Maybe I'm only a perv for Gray? I've never had these thoughts about anyone else before.
"Y/n? What are you thinking about?" Gray inquires, snapping me out of my thoughts.
"Your blush begs to differ."
"What blush," I say acting like I had no clue what he was talking about, making my blush grow even more crimson.
Gray puts down the bread, and the butter knife, then walks towards me.
I get up off the maroon stool, and start walking backwards.
"Is something wrong," He says, no concern matching his tone. Are you teasing me?
"Why are you stuttering?" What are you talking about?
"I'm not," I say a little to loudly, as I continue stepping back.
"Okay, I see you." What, Gray knows I have a lust for him?
My back hits a wall making me yelp.
Gray puts his hands on either side of my head caging me in.
He tilts his head down, making his eyes level with mine.
(It Starts Here)

Gray slides his left hand down over my shoulder and down until he reaches my right breast. Why must today be the day this happens?
"Your not wearing a bra." Gray says, an evil glint in his eyes.
"Mmm hmm," I hum, not able to to say anything. 
Gray slides his hand under my shirt. 
He then glides his left hand over my skin, leaving goosebumps.
Gray made his way up to my boob, making my shirt ride up.
He slid his hand over my nipple, until it perks up.
When it did, he pinched and rolled my nipple between his fingers.
Gray then takes my breast in his left hand. Using his thumb, he flicks my nipple, sending nervous jolts throughout my body.
Gray leans down looking at my lips, so I close my eyes, expecting to be kissed. He removes his hand from my chest and brings it into my {h/c} hair, tangling it.
Then he takes his fingers out of my hair. JUST KISS ME!
I open my eyes to see that he is sitting on the bar stool that I was just on. Oh I'll get you for that Mister, you wait and see!
I start walking to the door to leave slamming it behind me. You can have that sandwich now! Why am I even mad?
Oh well.
I look left and right before walking across the road, to my home.
Are you wondering why I left? I left so he would come to my house, it always works.
I go into the kitchen, grabbing Peanut Butter and Jelly, and heading upstairs into my bedroom.
I sit on the bay window, and look out of it. I take off my shirt, letting the warmth from the garment leave me. (*Did you forget you have no bra on?)
I see the man himself, walking across the road. I lay on my back, open the jelly, and spread it on my bread.
When I hear him yell, " Where are you at?!" I text him, saying, "Find me (;"
"I coming," he replied. Oh I'll make you in a few. I won't stop thinking these things will I?
I hear him stomping up the stairs, So I on put on a nearby bandanna, tying it around my eyes. And I hear him stop at my door.
Why did I decide to do this, am I crazy? (*Your supposed to be modest in this) I'm not ready! Wait!!
Gray walks in, unbeknownst to me, he has a surprised look on his face.
"Oh, that's why you asked. But I spread Peanut butter first," He says with a chuckle.
"Whatever," I mutter. But, I actually spread Jelly first.
(Juicier Here, Keep Reading At Your Own Risk)

I don't hear anything, and I'm afraid he is just looking at me, but then I feel his tongue where I put the jelly.  Gray then bites at my nipple, making me jump and yelp.
When Gray backs away, I can tell because I don't feel his body heat next to me, I say, "Get it all off."
And he does a damn well good job. I can feel him vacuum up the grape jelly off my navel.
"Done," He announces. I take off my Camo bandanna, Seeing a glint of lust in his eyes.
"You gonna spread the peanut butter," he states with a smirk.
"No but you can," I retort, mirroring his smirk. Hold up, that came out of my lips? My own mouth? I seriously doubt that!
"Oh I will," he mutters, thinking I can't hear him. Why do you have an evil grin on your face?!
Gray strips out of his clothes, painfully slowly, until it's just his skin.
I try to keep my eyes on his dark ones, but I end up sliding my {e/c} orbs down his figure, until I see his semi-erect rod.
Which is bigger than I dreamed. Gray gets the Peanut butter, and grabs some of said peanut butter, and when I say grab I mean a handful.
Next, he spreads it along his shaft. He even puts some PB on the base. You expect me to reach right there? You want me to swallow?! Geez, can I even do that!
Then, Gray adds some onto his balls, you want attention there to? What if do it wrong? I'm a fast-learner maybe I'll be alright.
I look away until Gray finishes, to stop the embarrassment of not wearing a shirt. I mean I want Gray but I'm shy, or nervous about it.. I don't know.
Getting the bandanna from before, I tie it at the nape of his neck, making him 'blind'. I get in front of him and on my knees.
"I've never-"
"It's okay, just...don't tease me." Maybe I should tease him. I'll tease him, I wonder if I could do so effectively?
Okay so I just...
I slide my hand slowly down his shaft and back towards me, I do it again but this time I play with his left ball. 
I look up at the blindfold and notice Gray's arm is looking for my head, when he finds he says, "I said no teasing," and then Gray forces me to wrap my mouth around him.
Still, I slowly slide my tongue on his underside, then he leans his hips forward, suggesting that I should take in more. I start trying to get that fucking sticky Peanut butter off of him. I move my right hand to massage his again left ball. Its then his breath starts to get fevered. I decide to keep going slowly until he begs for me to go faster.
I take as much length as my mouth will allow, and the rest, that my mouth can't reach, I start rubbing along it, with my left hand. I delayingly, yet purposefully, start to lick where he put that Peanut Butter. "F-Faster," he says between breaths. okay he didn't really beg but...

(To Be Con't)  
So here is this I will be posting other stories today
because school had took, posting away from me.
When I finish where it says t be con't, there'll be a link to my Ao3
I think I shouldn't, I mean I'm not good at Lemons.


f you can't read it, because it is mature content I'll note it to you, just ask
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