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Attack On Titan FanFic

Part One  

Time: 7:50/ 5 minutes before class
Eren's POV

This sucks, I forgot that today was picture day, I'm wearing Jeans a tee shirt and, black vans, None of them match at all. I hope the Ninth graders don't go first, Maybe I can fix my bedhead. Everyone is dressed up and I feel left out. I go to my locker and look for my Algebra book, I can't find it and freak out, Mrs.LeonHart hates when we forget our stuff and makes us write sentences, So I dig through my backpack, throwing everything at the top in my locker. Of course! In the very pit of my backpack, I need to stop doing that. I put everything back then I notice that, I had a dressy outfit in my locker. I am glad I did this and rushed to the bathroom to put the outfit on. I look into the, mirror seeing myself dressed in a plaid long sleeve with a black vest and black pants. I run All the way up the stairs to algebra, almost forgetting my bag, but a new kid got my attention, and gave it to me. I made it to class right before the bell rang. I sit in my seat near the wall, at the very back.I see that kid in, lift my bag and lip thank you.

Mrs. Leonhart- Get your books and flip to page 25.

Marco- See always makes us work, and its confusing *Whispers*  
I get a sheet of paper out and write on it,

 I know, It's annoying

Marco reads and nods at me.

LeonHart- Who are you?

Eren- Me?

LeonHart- No, the kid in front of you

New kid- I'm Levi.

LeonHart- and your last name?

Levi- Ackerman, Levi Ackerman

LeonHart- You related to Mikasa?

Levi- No

LeonHart- Okay, Eren can you give him a book?

Eren- Alright, Here you go.

Levi- What page?

Eren- 25

On the first question, Mrs. LeonHart helped us then made us work on our own.

2. 7- 10/X=2+15/X
  5/10 is 5 so therefore 15/3=5  |5x|

3. f(x)= 2x + 2 and g(x)= x²-4x + 2

Levi- Umm... Eren can you help me with number two?

Eren- One second, working on it

Levi- UGH

Eren- Sorry,I'm a geek but not a math geek.

Levi- uhh, it's fine

Eren- thanks

I show him the paper, when Mrs. LeonHart, or tattle tails aren't looking.

Levi- oh thank you.

       ~~~After class ends~~~

Levi- Hey Eren can we work on this?

Eren- Where?

Levi- My house, after Ninth, We can walk.

Eren- Who do you have next?

Levi- Pixis

Eren- I'll walk you there if you want

Levi- Thank you! Lead the way

As they're walking someone looks at Levi

Levi- Who was that girl? She's cute

Eren- I didn't see her face, sorry

Eren- I usaully look at my feet when I walk so...

Levi- Lets make a handshake.


He puts his fist up, as do I. He punches my fist twice tells me to snap, then he makes my hand flat then high fives it twice. So I memorize that it's, fist pump, fist pump, snap, high five, high five.

Eren- Oh, we're here I'll see you after last.

Levi- See you later, kiddo.


      ~~~After Ninth~~~

I went to Mr.Erwin's class and waited by the door. I leaned on the wall, knowing it might take longer than I thought for Levi to come out.
I get my phone out and go on Quicksnaps. Levi finally comes out and he is talking to Armin.

I give him that WTF look

Levi- I'll talk to you later Armin
(after looking at me he says)

Eren- You were talking to him the whole time?

Levi- Yeah

Eren- That Erwin's class, You want to join the Survey Corps?

Levi- Yeah, one of those beasts took my best friend, my girlfriend.
H looks up after saying that like he is
praying to her.

Eren- I'm sorry...

Levi- It's not your fault, but she was my soulmate, we never fought, I'm afraid it'll happen again.

Eren- *sigh* Lead on.
I don't know why but I can't look into Levi's eyes anymore its so weird.
After we walk into Levi's house, I don't hear anything, so I want to ask 'Where are you're parents' but I didn't because 1) It might be a sensitive subject and 2) I don't  know him that well.

Levi's POV

When I walk into my house, I throw my backpack down at the door and go outside, to my pool.
I don't feel like changing into swim trunks,
so I just take my shirt and shorts off, left in my boxers, I jump into the deep end.
"Levi!! Levi!!"
I look in that direction, and remember that Eren was going to help me with math homework. I swim next to the edge, and tell him,

Jump in

Eren- I can't swim

Levi- I'll teach you

Eren- No, I'm afraid I'll drown

Levi- I won't let that happen

Eren- I said no

Levi- I will pull you in

Eren- Fine *He takes his tee and blue jeans off
He jumps in, the low end*
I swim towards him, pulling him to the deep end.
" No Levi stop it!! No, Please, I'm scared" He yells frantically. "I think your cool, why would I let you drown?"

Eren- Levi.*He gives me that look again*

Levi- Not going to work this time

Eren- Ugh okay.

Levi- You need to face your fears anyway

Eren- Just teach me

Levi- Paddle your feet

Eren- Okay

Levi- don't stop paddling.
I let go and push him.

Eren- Bro! Why did you let go?

Levi- Just get to the edge and use your legs and arms. Eren made it to the edge, climbed on top, and sat on it.

That wasn't so hard now was it? He rolls his eyes at me.

Eren- Just come over here.
I swim towards him.

Eren- after you lost ... did you date any one?
I feel tears in my eyes but hold them back.

Levi- Honestly, no, I don't want to lose someone again. I put my knees up and put my arms on top, and then my head.

Eren- If it makes you feel any better, I've never dated any one.

Levi- I've never got a blowjob before.
Is he gay?

Eren- Do you want one?
Oh My God, He is!

Levi- Uh... sure
He jumps into the pool, as I pull down my boxers.
He puts his right hand on my dick.


You see your friends your car in your driveway, and push Eren into the water hoping they didn't see him.I pull up my boxers and put on my other clothes.

Eren's POV

All I see is black, in that black I see Levi. Oh yeah he pushed me into the water. I coughed up all the water I could, knowing I almost died of my fear. I Put my tee&Jeans on. I rushed inside, looking for Levi.

I see Levi kissing Armin. Oh the nerve,
All I do is glare at him.
Then I run my fingers through my wet hair.
I walk up behind them, they haven't noticed I'm here yet. I pull them apart and punch Levi square in the jaw. I look at my Knuckles seeing blood, not knowing if it's his or mine. I rub it off, realizing it's a mix when I look up at Levi. I see my broken Knuckles and get my phone out to call my mom and tell her to pick me up.

Levi- Armin, fuck off

Armin- If it he isn't good enough don't come crying to me.

Levi- Didn't I just tell you to fuck off!?

Levi runs towards me and pulls the phone out of my hands.

Eren- What the hell? Give that back!! I want to leave!

Levi- Eren, Come here please, we need to talk.
He puts my phone on a shelf where I can't reach it.I look down, at my bloody, broken knuckles, then I look at Levi. Then my feet surprised I did such a thing. I want to start crying perhaps I did because came to comfort me.He forced my head into his chest, he whispered in my ear "It'll be alright, I'll be fine."
Hey guys here's something new Which I've been thinking about doing lately. 

I'll just leave this here.

Hipnosis   US!Asriel Tripping   

Submit tomorrow if I can.
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