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(Couldn't think of a decent title)


Warning- Cursing
(*...)- Author's note
(*Gender Neutral)

I'm currently in the hollow of a tree, avoiding titans. Clearly it's working, the short meter classes don't even see me. I took of my maneuver gear off whenever I climbed up here. Is someone coming for me? It'll be late soon. I can't stay here forever. I hear scratching sounds below me. They can't possibly.. I cut off my thoughts whenever I saw it, A 15m titan attempting to climb the tree. So they're adaptive to? So bored! I sigh, and see a puff of smoke in my face. How am I going to stay warm, a cloak can only get you so far. Starting to shiver from the already cold of the night, I draw my knees up and feel the bulge of a square-shaped object in one of my pockets. Stretching my leg out, I grab my diary, wouldn't call it that though, because I only get it out when I'm bored.

So how did I end up here? (quite literally)

That's right..  


After 2 weeks of no expeditions, hard training, for the all of the scouts, for Cadets and Squad Leaders alike. One of the things I had to do as a squad leader, was to keep my speed up, was fight to Levi, which makes no since, he is fast, but still. After those two rough weeks we went on an expedition, my squad was stationed on the right flank. There wasn't much trouble at the beginning, it was a little to long. The grass fields around us were vast. All I could see for miles was the vegetation. I was starting to get very wary, something like this has never happened before, it was really unnerving, something like this can't JUST happen. I don't understand...
"Squad Leader Y/n? Why is it so quiet?"
"I don't know, but it's very weird, and Armin how many times do I have to tell you, you don't need to use my title?"
"It's alright just stop please."
I don't like this, I don't like it at all, I should, but I don't. I'm expecting something to change the course we're on.
And then I feel it, the quaking on the ground, the loud stomps. The Titans.
"Here they come!" I shout, "Get ready!"
"10 meter class oncoming," Connie warns us, and shoots up the red flare.  
I get my swords out just in case. It is just a 10 meter. Tall but one of the shortest.
Come on, did no one see that flare?
A little closer and we have to kill it.
Wait, it's running past us! I must of jinxed it by say 'just'.
I reach for the flare gun forgetting my swords are in hand, then Mikasa shoots it out as I start to chase the titan.
I stand on my horse getting ready to jump off of it.
I fire my grapple towards the titans leg, but 'it' sees me before I get to it.
The ten meter grabs the rope, and was about to throw me, I cut the rope with my sword.
Then I notice it, the giant trees, when did we pass them though? doesn't matter.
I start running to the trees, hoping the Titan is following me, because I'm not that important to anyone, and to avoid a high casualty rate.
I could make it, we aren't far away. I risk a glance over my shoulder, the titan is after my squad!
I put one of my swords away and get out my flare gun, set the black in and shoot the titan's eye. That should get it's attention.
Okay, time to climb the trees, fast, that thing is following me.
Once I get up the tree, I see the titan turning around.
I jump on the titan's shoulder and put my sword through the abnormals' nape.
I hold onto it's hair as it falls to the ground.

----------To Your Squad---------

"Guys the Titan, it's not following us anymore!" Sasha shouts.
"But where is Squ- Y/n?" Armin asks concerned for your well-being.
"I don't know, but we can't stay here." States Reiner.
"What?! We have to save her/him!" Connie yells to Reiner.
"Connie, we don't know if she's/he's alive."
"That's why we have to find out!" Connie screams at Reiner.
"No, Connie, Reiner is right. I want to find Y/n to but she/he might be dead." Armin agrees with both of them, but hopeful that Y/n is here. (*ref.)
No one saw you in that tree, smiling, because your squad lived.
The rest of the expedition was uneventful. (to them at least)

-------Back at home-------

Sasha, of course, rushed everyone to dinner. She's always hungry no matter how she feels, which is sad and down. You two were closer than most leaders and cadets.
Once they were sitting at the table Sasha couldn't eat, or she wouldn't.
Connie looks next to him, at Sasha, "You didn't make us come in here so you wouldn't eat. Right?"
"Sorry, you can have it." Connie widens his eyes when she says that. Sasha must feel horrible.
"Let's share it," He suggests to her, to which she nods. Connie takes the first bite, it was the mashed potatoes.
"Connie, I can't," Sasha says. After that she notices it's only them at the table, the others left.
"Lemme help you," Connie grabs the spoon, since he used the fork, and smashed it into the potatoes.
After getting a decent sized spoonful he moves it closer to her mouth. Sasha opens her lips and closes them around the spoon. (*O.O)
She didn't eat the mashed potatoes, she just had them in her mouth.
"Swallow it."
Sasha does as Connie tells her.
"You two get your squad in Erwin's office," they don't move, "Now!"
They leave the table, and the food, hand in hand.

Sasha and Connie found them and lead them to Erwin's office.
After a few minutes of waiting the Captain walks in.
"Nice of you to join us." Erwin says.
"Whatever." Levi answers
No one says as silence flies into the air. But after a few minutes of quiet, the knife of Reiner's voice fills the air.
"Why are we here?"
"Shut the fuck up! I'm mad at you people! Where is Y/n? Did you see her/him die?"
Your squad looks down, glum looks on their faces. Except Mikasa, she stared at the corporal  
Levi quickly getting impatient yells, "DID ONE OF YOU SEE!?"
That definitely got there attention.
After a few seconds of silence Armin speaks up.
"No sir."
"Then where did he/she run to?" Levi questions them.
By now they had tears in their eyes especially Sasha. You were a good squad leader, nice but mean at the right moments.
You were like their best friend, and you had cool sense of humor.
"There was an aberrant..." Connie starts but doesn't finish.
"AND?" Levi grows more and more impatient.
"Last thing we was that she/he ran to the Giant trees."
"You know she could be in up in those trees. Waiting." Hanji says from the door, just walking in.
"I'm going to get her/him." Levi says.
"You can't!" Hanji protests.
"I'm getting my boy/girlfriend and none of you will stop me."
"No wai-"
"Hanji! Let him go." Erwin stops them from starting a fight.
"Aren't you her/his friend? Don't you miss him/her," He questions her.
"Yeah, go," but unbeknownst to them he had already went to the horse stalls.


Getting out of the memory of how I got here, I get a pen from my jacket pocket. I start writing down my situation. I wonder if Levi is worried about me. I miss him. I want to start walking back, but I can't. I hope I don't die, I have to stay, for him. Then, once again hear more scratches but when I look up from the book, I see something and ignore the noise. With one thought on my mind I continue to stare at it. What is that? That flickering, it's getting closer. It's a fire, wait no, a torch. People are looking for me. I thought I was gone. Wait a minute, it's only one torch, does that mean there is only one person? I guess I'll find out. I dig in my pockets hoping to find something helpful to the person looking for me. Nothing. I look in the hollow of the tree. A rock, usable. I get out of the hollow of the tree and grab medium sized branch and pull. It doesn't budge at first but I keep pulling and it comes free. (Back in the hollow) Hold on, I search my pockets, again, finding a lighter, it's Levi's, he smokes. Sometimes I steal it from him, usually on expedition days, for moments like this honestly. I light the thick stick I just pulled, silently signalling the person looking for me. They noticed, I can tell because the direction they're going changed. I put everything I took out away, where it belongs. I wonder how long it'll take them to get over here. I hold the torch I made in the air. I sit down again, my left ankle hurts after breaking it a lot. So you sit there watching the person get closer and closer. They must've noticed the titan scratching at the tree bark, because they stopped walking. You see them go to the right until they move out of my view, the wall of the bark is in the way. Then I hear the whirring sound of the 3DMG and the Titan stops scratching. I see a grapple land on the edge the hollow. I stand up from my spot when he lands.
"Y/n?" You see Levi smiling, because the torch light.
"Your alive!" Levi pulls me into a hug, and gives me a desperate kiss, "I thought you died."
"I'm still here, the only way I die is if you die first."
"I don't think neither of us said it yet.." Levi starts.
"Said what?" I interrupt him.
"You'll find out if you let me talk," He looks at me and I nod beckoning for him to continue, "I've been waiting for the right moment, but after what happen today I realized if I don't say it now, I won't be able to tell you at all," Tell me what? "I'm glad your still here, or else you wouldn't hear me right now, Y/n, I love you."
I pull him back into a hug, placing my head on his shoulder, after getting on my tippy toes, "I love you too." After a few minutes of staying in each others arms, we both pull away. "Are we just going to stay here or?" I ask, getting tired of staying in this tree for so long. "What do you think? Let's get the hell out of here, put your gear on."
"Wellllll, um it's sort of useless.." I say wondering what he'll do.
"Useless how?"
"I might of cut the rope for the grapple off..."
"Wellllll still bring it, that can be fixed." He copies you, and then starts climbing down the tree.
I strap on the Gear and start following suit.
Once I finish climbing down I start wondering something.
"I have a question." I state
"I might have an answer." Levi answers matter-of-factually.
"Where will we go now, it's too dark?"
"I don't know, I was going to go home but that's far away." Levi answers my question.
"Lets ride around on your horse, and see if we could find something."
He jumps on Sugar, and I jump on after him.
Quite few gallops later, I see something and point it out.
"How about that temple?" He slows Sugar down.
"That's a tower not a temple," He says.
"Whatever lets just go." I say not carin
g what it's called.
The trip over there was shorter than I expected. Levi, Sugar, and I went up the cobblestone stairs. There was a white flag with a red dot on it next to the door and Levi bound Sugar to the flagpole. I tried opening the door but it was locked. I look around even though I doubt there is a key anywhere around."Y/n what are y-" he tries the door, "you just kick it down!" Levi tries to kick it, but it doesn't bust the first time, then he jumps into the door using his shoulder. Said door fails doing it's job, the hinges coming off the wall. "Alright then," I mutter. We continue walking and see some lighten torches. I guess we just stay on the couch..? In the huge room there is a strange tan-ish color I've never seen before, and some more cobblestone stairs leading up. I start walking towards it, what can I say I'm just not that tired after today. 
After hearing footsteps behind me, I turn around, but it's to dark to see anything. I see a light in the distance and start running to it. The footsteps start in a run,
chasing after me. I stop near it, because there was a purple Victorian, I think that's what it's called, door, with a clear handle on it. I twist the doorknob which has a strange texture. Within a second of opening the door I flew towards the bed, and felt something's body heat above me. I try to move away but the creature pins my hands down, and is squishing me below it. I feel fur against my face. Next it latches on to my neck, and I scream out loud.
"Why the fuck are you screaming?" I hear a familiar husky voice.
"Oh it's you, you scared the shit out of me!" 
"I thought you knew I was following you." The voice says.
"I didn't."
(Super Mini Lemon here)
Levi chaste kisses me and lays next to me on the soft bed. After a few minutes I realize, I could die tomorrow. I shift onto my side and look at Levi, who has his eyes closed, must be relaxing. I move a little closer and kiss his lips, when he starts kissing back he dominates my mouth, exploring every corner.
Levi pushes me on my back. He starts connecting his lips to the divot on my neck...
Levi takes off my cloak, and I take off his...
More kissing.
Only birthday suits..
I reach my high as he does...

I try to steady my breathing, while I do I feel a chill. I start shivering, and Levi asks, "why-" 
Cutting him off I ask, "You didn't feel that?"
The chill returns.
"tch. feel what," it hits him, "Yes."
I look down the foot of the bed and realize we left the door open.
On the other side of the door, I see a spirit, a ghost. I feel compelled to follow it, but I don't because it's already walking towards me, us.
The closer it got, the more intricate details I spotted. How she glows or that she's a little girl, her hair looks curly, and has a bow on it. (*Shirley Temple curly)
Another thing that is noticeable is how she was in a dress, maybe made of lace, it's really hard to tell the material. The closer she gets, the colder I start to feel.
Why are ghosts so cold? This is just something I have to know now, but I'll never know it. She walks, actually glides and stops in front of the bed, swinging her hand in a beckoning motion towards you. I turn my glance towards Levi but he shrugs. She floats out of the room, and after putting clothes I follow her. Then I hear the oh so familiar footsteps. We walk down the stone stairs go through the room with the room with the weird tan couch in it. We go yet down more steps. How much flights will we go on today? i forgot the thought when there was a dark hallway in front of us. I get an unsure feeling in my stomach, and stop walking waiting for Levi to catch up, when he does I hook my hand with his and instantly feel better. okay what's in the... basement, I'm assuming. It's just a room, It's just a room, It's just a room. Levi squeezes my hand trying to comfort me, barely affecting me. I continue watching the ghost glide ahead of us, becoming wary. The darkness is making me uncomfortable. I let out a big breath and think, okay. She points at a door, looks at us, and goes through it. I widen my eyes without thinking, not fully believing yet. Then when they shrink back down, I walk like a zombie towards the blue door. Levi's hand unhooks from mine, as to get through the thin doorway. What I see makes me sink back into him, my shoulder hitting just under his*. First of all, I hate dark rooms, second of all, ouija boards, hate them. Put them together? I will have a major freakout, I'm surprised I didn't now. It always gave me the creeps, knowing what ghost, I'm talking to, it scares me. Let's see were this goes... The girl is standing next to the ouija board, jumping around impatiently. "You wanna talk??" She points at the ouija. Levi sits next to me, "this sh*t isn't real."

"So did you want to talk?" I repeat again. The answer thingy slides to Yes. "Are you lonely?" I ask another question. No N-o-t A-n-y-m-o-r-e.
"Do you want to hurt people?" i glare at Levi with an are you serious look. No. "Umm how old where you when you died?" I wonder, curiously. F-i-r-e.
"House?" Yes. "Hey," Levi hisses," what's your," he hisses again trying not to curse," name?" M-o-l-l-y H-i-e-n-e-s.
"Uhhh, did you want to die?" I hear glass shattering in the distance. No.
Let's just say Levi and I believe in ghosts now; And I also like ouija boards now. 

Inspired from:


I know it's late but just if you want to read it...
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