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LeviXReader AU

Present moment
During a flashback if you see...
bold it's a thought of the Present Moment.

Warning- Cursing, And slight Nudity.

Levi's POV

Before I met you I was in the military, I lost the lower half of my left arm, I'm hoping to get a prosthetic one day, but I haven't used left arm in years. Maybe One day I'll be able to, I'll find out. Anyway,  Aunt Shirley's Shop, that's where we went when we could. I'm surprised I tried it a long time ago. I was glad I did though, well you actually did it for me. I have to tell you that you have great taste when you get back. I remember it so well.

My phone keeps going off. Turns out it's you asking where I am, I text you,
Levi- At the house, why?
Y/n- Can you come to the coffee shop? I'm lonely.
Levi- Okay, which one?
Y/n- Aunt Shirley's Coffee Shop
Levi- Coming
I click off my black phone,
I still need a case for it. I grab my slick, gray leather jacket walk to the door and slip in my polished shoes. Which way is the coffee shop? Guess it's time to use my GPS. I search up, Aunt Shirley's Shop, 10 minutes away, I can just walk, great. I wouldn't want to keep my lovely lady waiting. I start the 10 minute walk, wanting to text you, so I start with,

Levi- What's up?
Y/n- Just drinking a latte u?
Levi- nothing much, but I am walking to my beautiful, sexy girlfriend...
    That I really want to kiss already..
Y/n- O/////O
Levi- Are you actually blushing?
Y/n- Probably
Levi- okay Miss I blush all the time...
Y/n- I do not!
Levi- Sure...
Y/n- and it's Ms.
Levi- what?
Y/n- it's 'Ms. I blush all the time'
Levi- Wow alright whatever...
Y/n- xDD
Levi- What now?
Y/n- You no that you just walked past the shop right?
Levi- :!
Y/n- So you have a wort on your face now?
Levi- Huh? No
I again click off my phone when I see the dine-in shop. I don't order anything when I walk in,
I never had liked coffee before I met you. Wow, looks better on the inside than the outside, I mean the lighting it shines so beautifully in Y/n's (h/length) (H/c) hair, and in the floor I can see my reflection! It looks so clean! I sit next to you in the booth, that you were already occupying when I walked in. At the moment I sat down, you asked me,
"Why didn't you get any coffee?"
I shake my head and reply, "I rather have tea."
"Try mine!"
"No, I already told you I don't like coffee," I say giving her my half-lidded eyes
I look out the window to my right, looking out at the people walking by, some of them looking at the sky, that's when I notice it'll rain today.
I feel your hand on my chin, and I turn to face you. First I look into your eyes, until I see that your eyes are targeted on my lips, my gunmetal eyes slide to your luscious pink lips. You bite your bottom lip. I lean forward, not from my mind but because it is what my heart wants. Our lips touch, It was gentle for a few seconds, I didn't like it. Whenever you or I claimed the other's lips I wanted to feel your tongue and that's what I was going for, you beat me to it. First, I felt your tongue touch mine, then I felt liquid, I didn't know what it was at the moment, but it tasted a little sweet, yet bittersweet. I swallow it and we continued kissing until oxygen took us over.
"What was that?" I ask.
"Umm... My latte..?" It sounded like you were unsure, you must of been afraid of what I would say.
"eh tastes alright" Did I say that out loud?
"You liked it?! Awesome!"


I drink coffee everyday now, It makes me miss you even more! When are you coming back, thinking of you isn't enough anymore. It's been three months and a week.
In between your military trips you'd request to video chat with me, in fact it was the 2nd week, on Friday, of every month! Then that means! I rush to my room and get the laptop I never use, except for taxes and video chat, I really don't want it to get hacked, so that's all I use it for. I see a notification on the right side of my screen and click on it, feeling giddy. The white light near my built-in webcam, turns on. What should I say? I hope I don't say the wrong things. I've been with you for Four years and I'm still nervous when I see you. The black screen brightens up, and you are on it, with a big smile on your face.
"Hi," you must be nervous to..
"Hello whats up?"
"That's always the first thing you ask huh? Nothing, I really miss you."
"Do you still have that game with you," I ask, wanting to black some Bo3-Z with you.
"Yeah, I'm surprised the other officers didn't notice the Xbox One in my backpack."
"Can we play some Zombies?"
"Course! You know I love playing it!"
"So should we leave the vid' chat on or no?"
"No our voices are enough, talking to each other is more than enough, and we would be distracted."
"k, lets set up first though," I suggest.
"Yeah," I turn on my t.v. and Xbox.
After signing in, I notice that I left Black Ops 3 in there. Well that's less work for me.
I start up the game, and click 'Zombies.' After the screen loaded I requested (y/n) to play.
She accepts and we start playing, she is the girl, which I already forgot the name of, I actually forgot all of their names.
I turn off my laptop, saving it's energy and it becoming forgotten.
She told me, "You're the badass boxer," I don't really think he is badass considering he is a dead star, but okay.

-----------------------------------Time Skip--------------------------------------

"Tonight was fun but it's late and I have to be off in the morning, sorry..hmm... Neat Freak," I growl.
"Why, are suddenly being mean? M-S-dot I blush all the time."
"You'll never forget that will you?"
"Nope, it was the day we had our first kiss."
"Yeah, I want that again, it was nice."
"If you're going to leave, can you show me a BIG nip slip?"
See stares into her own webcam, with a, 'Are you serious look' in her eyes.
I nod. "Okay hungry Levi, I'll do it if, you show me," You are seriously blushing right now,".. me it."
"You mean my little man?"
"Yeah, lets do it at the same time."
I unzip my jeans as she lifts up her shirt, and takes it off...
I free my manhood, but instead of just letting it out of the zipper, that's now open, I take off my pants and boxers, since you took of your shirt and bra.
You stare at my special place and I stare at your now free perky boobs, It's so cute when you blush. I wish I could take you so much right now...
"Levi, LEVI," She gets me out of my fantasies," I really have to go, sorry, Love you."
"Bye, Y/n, Love you too."
Y/n is offline, the computer reads.
A few months after I started getting paranoid, I felt like you would never come back, Recently you've started sending letters in the mail.
They mostly talk about what happens to you and how barely any of your comrades survived, and that's what scares me.
I want to tell you how much I worry about you not being able to come back. The thought of me telling you makes me fell like I'm disrespecting you.
I wrote it in my note, I hope it doesn't hurt your feelings but...

Reader's POV

Dear, Y/n,                                                                                                                                   Feb/17/2044

I'm glad to see that you've been penning me, I really want to tell you something but I'm afraid of how you'll feel about it. But, I want to tell you anyway. I'm scared Y/n, what if you don't comeback? I'm scared that'll be gone like your comrades and the things that are happening to you are making me feel worse. Please come home, we can find a different way to raise money, I'm so scared, that you'll leave me, I love you to much. Please stay with me. I'm crying a little bit right now. I know I shouldn't worry myself about this stuff, but COME HOME, please! Were you forced to be out there?
No? Then come home, you raised a lot of money already, one of us can go to college.
One of us can pursue our dreams, as long as we are together I don't care who.
I miss you, and love you dearly.
Please come back to me....
When I get the sight of you, I'll fell alive
I'll be electrified, I feel intensified, Petrified from how pretty you are.
You are my star, One in a million, You are so rare, and you should know that,
You probably would of, and could of, look at who you are, your so different.
I'll never be able to find some one after you..
(That 'poem' felt cheesy)

Sincerely, Levi.
P.S. I love you so much, happy (belated?) birthday. I want to get you something but I can't.

Your making me cry Levi, but I'll go home after completing one last mission, we really need that money, but you are right about one us being able to go to college. I can't bare the thought of leaving you. If that was to happen, my lost soul would look for you, until I find you, considering I'm more that a million klicks away it would take forever to though. I start writing my note back to you, when you read it the note might reduce your worries.

Dear Levi,

I'm glad I've been sending you, it makes me feel more confident in myself. How long have you been worried about that? It's okay I'll comeback and you can pursue your dreams, after you read this decide what you want to do. And where You want to go. I'll be by your side the whole way. I cried a little at your mail, but I can't bear leaving you.... Hurting you, is like hurting myself. We are interconnected now. When I get home after this final mission, Since I'm halfway through, I'll just finish it. Lets get a tattoo or something to show our love to the world, when
I get back of course. I miss you too, and I love you more than the universe. HAPPY LEAP DAY.
(the 'poem' was cheesy, but it's cute)

Sincerely, Me lol kidding Y/n
P.S. Thanks for the b-day wish, and I have an idea, I'll tell you when I get home.

Levi's POV

I can't wait until Y/n comes back. But what college am I going to? And what is my Career going to be? I'm getting stressed out. I want to become a software engineer, or a game maker, both well paying jobs if you do the shit right, some game producers have even gotten away with it being a absolutely terrible game. I get on my Computer, and look on the "Occupational Outlook Handbook" After Searching, 'Software Engineer', This is what came up...

 loading 3  

When actually finished loading though it showed this,

Quick Facts:
Software Developers 2015
Median Pay: $100,690 per year Wow, that's more decent!
               $48.41 per hour    One hour!
Typical Entry-Level: Education Bachelor's degree Four Years+?
Work Experience in a Related Occupation: None
On-the-job Training: None
Number of Jobs: 2014 1,114,000
Job Outlook, 2014-24: 17% (Much faster than average) Wow!
Employment Change, 2014-24: 186,600 I might be able to get a career from this..

Okay so what college?

(After Hours of searching...)

San Marcus University in Texas, That's out-of-state, we live in Oklahoma. I'll have to talk to Y/n about moving there so there is less tuition to pay. But that's for later. Time to sleep on the cold bed... I fall to the sweetness of sleep, the only place where I can be with Y/n. I wake up in the middle of my blissful dream. I keep hearing the doorbell go off, I'm waiting for it stop, it can't be anything important, right?! The doorbell will not stop, who is it? Oh God. That can't be.. Can it?!! I get from below the warm covers, and put on a jacket and some shorts. Going through the door, down the stairs and to the front door, I start believing more and more that Y/n is gone. I open the door, and close my eyes shut.

Dear Levi,

Okay, here it goes. First of all, this is a long letter so, sorry about that.
If I'm ... Gone before the end of my mission, I asked the mailman to send this to you,
along with my chest candy, and my lovely badge of Pride the Wings of freedom
Levi, I love you, I never wanted to leave you, This is a hard mission to be on.
If my soul ends up leaving my body, I want you to forgot about me, it would help you,
You need to fall in love after I die, I don't want the end of my life, to make you depressed
So please forgot 'bout me and fall in love with someone else. When and if it does happen, I'll give
you all the money I made here. Do Remember when we first met? I'm sure you know but, I want
to write it down right now. We met at that party, after our high school team won our
homecoming game, it was my Sophomore year. That night a lot of my friends got drunk
high, or both. Which I thought was ridiculous, but thanks to them I got to meet you.
they were talking about this super hot guy, with raven hair and I think they thought I
liked you. They kept trying push me towards you. Crystal, my best friend at the time
saw you walking to a dead end hall-way which is where the bathroom is/was. My 'squad'
had pushed me into the hallway and blocked off the only way out. They told me I couldn't
leave until I talked to you. I had to wait for you to take care of your business. When you
were walking out you bumped into me, and you tried to get passed the blockade. I seized
your elbow and told you they wouldn't let me leave if I didn't talk to you so you gave up
and talked to me. I don't even remember what we talked about, but that day changed my life.
I'm sure it changed yours too, with that said I hope you can understand how important you
are too me, If I go to heaven and I watch over you, not trying to find someone to love I'll
feel sad. So Spare my feelings and fall in love with someone else If I do die...
I Love You... And I didn't want to leave you...

Yours Truly,

"Levi," he opens his eyes," I'm here, well most of me at least."
"Your alive," Levi runs towards me and hugs me, making me almost fall, but Levi caught me at my hip.
"Sorry," he mutters.
"It's o-" Levi cuts me off.
"What happened to your leg!!" An explosion had gone off, it took all the meat under my left knee.
"An explosion, but I'm still here," I feel tears glimmer in my eyes, "I care about you to much to much to leave, and I promised I wouldn't."
Levi picks me up bridal style and carries me inside. "I'll stay with you, forever, I love you Y/n."
"I'll stay with you for infinity, I love you Levi."
Once we are inside, Levi puts my back against the wall, and I wrapped what was left of my legs, around his waist. You must miss me...
Let's just say she got her belated birthday present that afternoon all the way to the night. ;D
Okay so I finally made it into "literature."
What do you think?

More writes here!

I wish I could say this was my own idea,
but in case your curious as to where I got it from, here.
Letters of a Loved one (Levi x Soldier!Fem!Reader)
^this is a more serious version, more FEELS!
and it's by an awesome person, read it if you don't already know her, you are missing out
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