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Warning- Cursing
"I think he is a good person, he never looks down on people,"
You announce to the group of people your sitting with.
Jean laughs, "You got that right."
"He's a drawf."
Eren puts his arm around you and kisses your cheek.
"Get off of me!" You yell loudly as he retreats your form.
"We've seen you stare at him...You were looking at his ass.." I know.
"I was?" You ask Jean.
"You were, do you like him," obviously. We are actually secretly dating.
You quickly reply, "No," but you retorted to fast.
"He's is so vertically challenged," You say, changing the subject.
Armin stares, with wide eyes, behind you.
"Is he?"
Armin nods.
You feel hands grab your waist, from behind.
"I'll show what I'm not challenged in." The voice I know all to well.
As Levi picks you up, you put your hands on the bench which you were just sitting on, and you hold on for dear life.
"Guys help me!" 
"No chance," Eren denies you.
"Damnit (l/n), let go, you'll lose your grip eventually." 
I'm not ever letting go.
Eren pinches your side, hard, might even leave a bruise.
"Eren, please no! Stop pinching me!"
You lose you grip and Levi carries you towards his office.
EREN! You Traitor! XDD
Here's this...
before I write the whole story (well....)
I wanted to post this first, Should I continue this or not?
I want to write this but what's the point if no one enjoys it?
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October 17, 2016
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